Open Play

Every Friday night from 4 pm - 9 pm, we have Open Play for all who are interested!

You have three options to pay for Open Play:  

  • $5 for a match, which is best two out of 3 games,
  • $9 for an hour, guaranteed at least 2 matches, 
  • $20 to stay as long as you would like or to come and go between 4 & 9.

If you are coming for Open Play, you MUST have a liability release form on files with us.  For more information on that, click HERE.

We provide all equipment including masks, air, ammo, and the brand new Tippmann FT-12 paintball gun and the classic Tippmann 98.   The only thing we don't provide is whatever body armor you may want.  We recommend full body cover including long sleeves, long pants, and gloves.  City Life rents chest protectors, neck guards, and gloves if you'd like a little more protection than what you brought with you.

You may bring in your own gun.  Please leave the air supply detached until on the field with the referee.  Leave your paint at home.  The referee will test your gun to make sure it's not shooting hot.  It must be able to drop to 260fps.  Some hoppers won't move Reballs. If it is busy we may not be able to allow you to use your gun.

City Life After Dark (September-May)

AfterDark is done for the summer but will resume again in September! Have a wonderful Summer!

After Dark is a program for teens only on Friday nights from 9 - midnight (DURING SCHOOL YEAR ONLY).  We want to offer teens some healthy, positive adrenaline.

The Student Center and Gymnasium are also available so you may wander with your friends to do a variety of activities, from reball to pool, air hocky, shuffle board, basketball, kickball, etc....

Activities in the Student Center and Gymnasium are free, and paintball is at a reduced price.

Options to pay for After Dark Paintball are: 

$3 for a match,
$5 for an hour, 
$10 for as much as you'd like to play from 9 - midnight,
$5 to add After Dark to All night Open Play.